Board - RMRC Dodo

The RMRC Dodo board is made and sold by Ready Made RC. In terms of CPU pin mapping it is a clone of the SPRacingF3 board (also see the SPRacingF3 documentation). Currently there are three versions with slightly different hardware available: Rev. 1, 2, and 3.

The revision 3 board changed the CPU from one with 128KB to one with 256KB however, for compatibility reasons, Cleanflight only supports and uses 128KB of it. The same binary can be used on all DODO boards.

Hardware Features

  • STM32 F3 ARM Cortex-M processor with 128KB or 256KB flash program memory (Rev. 1 and 2: 128KB flash, Rev 3 256K).
  • 2MB external flash memory for storage.
  • MPU6050 accelerometer/gyro (Rev. 2: MPU6000)
  • BMP280 Barometer
  • No compass sensor.
  • 3 hardware UARTs (+ 2 software) for GPS, telemetry, OSD, etc., 5V compatible
  • On-board 5V/0.5A BEC directly powered off 2-6S main battery pack. No external BEC/regulator necessary.
  • On-board 3.3V regulator to power peripherials like Spektrum satellite receiver.
  • 36x36mm board with 30.5mm mounting holes pattern (same as CC3D or Naze32, but different pin-out).

Note: Earlier revisions had issues with the buzzer circuit.

Serial Ports

Name RX (Board) TX (Board) RX (MCU) TX (MCU) Notes
UART1 U1RX U1TX PA10 PA9 Shared with USB connection
UART2 U2RX U2TX/SWCLK PA15 PA14 Shared with SWD
UART3 U3RX/3 U3TX/4 PB11 PB10 RX also connected to Spektrum satellite port


Starboard (Front to back)

Label Notes
RC_IN_8/SOFTSERIAL2_TX RC8 ppm input or soft-serial 2 transmit
RC_IN_7/SOFTSERIAL2_RX RC7 ppm input or soft-serial 2 receive
RC_IN_6/SOFTSERIAL1_TX RC6 ppm input or soft-serial 1 transmit
RC_IN_5/SOFTSERIAL1_RX RC5 ppm input or soft-serial 2 receive
RC_IN_4/U3TX RC4 ppm input or UART3 transmit
RC_IN_3/U3RX RC3 ppm input or UART3 receive
RC_IN_2 RC2 ppm input
RC_IN_1/PPM IN RC1 ppm input or SUM/CPPM
5V 5V bus
GND Ground

Back (Left to right)

Label Notes
SPEKTRUM_VCC/3V3 3.3V output
USB Micro USB socket
BAT+ Main battery (2S - 6S) positive lead
GND/BAT- Main battery negative lead

Front (Left to right)

Label Notes
BZ_5V/BZ+ 5V, connect to positive (+) terminal of buzzer
BZ_OC/BZ- Open-collector output, connect to negative (-) terminal of buzzer
RC_OUT_1 ESC 1 output (rear, starboard, CW on quad)
RC_OUT_2 ESC 2 output (front, starboard, CCW on quad)
RC_OUT_3 ESC 3 output (front, port, CW on quad)
RC_OUT_4 ESC 4 output (rear, port, CCW on quad)
RC_OUT_5 PPM output 5
RC_OUT_6 PPM output 6
RC_OUT_7 PPM output 7
RC_OUT_8 PPM output 8
LED_OUT WS2811 led output

Starboard (Front to back)

Label Column Notes
GND Outside Ground
U1TX Outside UART1 transmit (1)
U1RX Outside UART1 receive (1)
5V Outside 5V bus
3V3 Outside 3.3V output (2)
GND Inside Ground
SDA Inside I2C data
SCL Inside I2C clock
3V3 Inside 3.3V output
PPM_RSSI Inside Low-pass filtered PPM-style RSSI input (FrSky or EzUHF)
U2RX Outside UART2 receive
U2TX/SWCLK Outside UART2 transmit or SWD clock
SWDIO Outside SWD input/output
GND Outside Ground
  1. Shared with USB.
  2. Can be used to power external low-power devices like Spektrum satellite receiver.

Top pads

Label Notes
CURR Current sensor ADC input, unbuffered
RSSI RSSI ADC input, unbuffered. Use PPM_RSSI for filtered input.
BOOT BOOT jumper for recovering a bricked boot loader

Bottom pads

Label Notes
TRIG Trigger for sonar (on-board 1kOhm series resistor for 5V compatibility)
ECHO Echo for sonar (on-board 1kOhm series resistor for 5V compatibility)